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Euroak Flooring® Wood Flooring Warranty

Euroak Flooring® engineered timber flooring products is Non-Structural and for Interior use ONLY  

  1. Once flooring is installed on a building site it is essential that the flooring be protected. This flooring protection must not be fixed to the floorboards.This protection must be maintained until all works have been completed.
  2. Avoid plaster dust on the surface of the floor. If dust is present vacuum off immediately, DO NOT MOP. Moisture can set the plaster dust into the low grain of the timber making it extremely difficult if not impossible to remove. 
  3. To clean, we highly recommend Euroak Floor Cleaner or a lightly water dampened microfiber swivel-cleaning pad. The occasional use of water with a mix of either Methylated Spirits or vinegar at ratio of 1:10 with 10 being water is acceptable. We do not recommend the use of any supermarket floor cleaners or anything caustic. 
  4. Air conditioning – This warranty covers air conditioning use provided the relative humidity levels are maintained at between 55% – 75% RH.
  5.  All defects boards / Planks MUST not be installed and should be returned to Euroak flooring® for replacement.
  6. All timber flooring will mark and scratch, however, some simple maintenance procedures will keep your floor looking better for longer.
    a) Sweep and vacuum regularly.
    b) Install floor protectors on all furniture.
    c) Install dirt-trapping mats at entrances.
    d) Re-coat or polish when necessary. Do not drag heavy furniture over floors.
    e) Keep pet’s nails trimmed.
    f) Remove spills as soon as they occur, especially oil or fat spills.  
    7. Do not steam mop timber flooring.
    8. Do not over mop flooring as moisture in timber floors will cause “cupping” and uneven timber movement in your floor.

  Euroak Flooring® engineered wood flooring warranty 25 years structural warranty

This engineered wood flooring warranty does not cover;
Flooring which has been used as structural flooring or for exterior use.
1.Damage caused intentionally, recklessly, negligently or by accident. 
2.Flooring, which has been installed in “wet areas” such as bathrooms and laundries. 
3. Damages or defects resulting from or in anyway attributed to: 
a)Improper storage handing or installation of the products. 
b) Excessive or inadequate humidity in area. Relative humidity in the area of use should be within a normal range of 55%-75%. 
c) Abuse, lack of maintenance, abnormal use or misuse, negligence, corrosive chemicals and other unintended uses. 
d) Dents or scratches. 
e) Separations between boards caused by expansion and contract during seasonal and temperature changes. 
f) Installation or use of flooring with visible defects. 
4.Euroak Flooring® is not liable for the costs of alternative accommodation, the cost of furniture removal, legal costs, damage for physical inconvenience if flooring to be replaced. 
5. Damages to the flooring caused by: 
a) Water damage. 
b) Use of steam mops and unauthorized cleaning 
c) Spillage of corrosive, chemical or other substances. 
d) Failure to clean and maintain the floor in accordance with the guide set out above. 
e) Damage caused by insufficient protection from furniture. 
f) Damage caused by items such as stiletto or spiked heeled shoes. 
g) Damage caused by pets. 
h) Faulty or defective workmanship on the part of the installer. This includes areas that are not glued adequately. 
i) Noises (squeaks… etc) associated with anything other than the manufacture of the flooring. 
j) Damage caused by sun or its UV rays and / or but not limited to, direct or in-direct sun light and / or heating include (Fire place, central heating and poor ventilation that do not meet Australian Building Code). 
k) The Flooring System not installed on level sub-floor in accordance per AS1884 – 1985 section 2.1 & 2.2 or relevant new standards. 
l) Flooring not installed over recommended underlay and/or recommended timber flooring adhesive.

If floorboards are being stored prior to installation they must be stored 500mm above ground level on timber pallet, protected /enclosed in a plastic tarp and the storage area must be within 55-75% humidity at all time.