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Our mission

Is to relentlessly pursue the highest quality also innovative to provide superior stylish and hardwearing, hardwood plank flooring to accommodate the unique Australian lifestyle.

Euroak Flooring ® is the leading Australian manufacturer of innovative and original engineered hardwood plank flooring. However, our bespoke French, American oak and Australian timber and hardwoods.

About us

At Euroak Flooring® is all about wood and the material itself, as well as, the art of the processing. The human touch and in conjunction with EUROBOND AUSTRALIA we have been developed. The state-of-the-art high performing topcoat to adopt Australian toughest environments. Include scratch resistance and Australian flooring slippery rating.

The creation of handmade finishes, textures and unique hardwearing surface. Provide the timber interior become a reality of nature beauty. When we push boundaries of what seem possible, CREATIVITY IS UNLEASHED. Our expertise with French and American Oak allows us to rise to the challenges. Presented by audacious and innovative products as well as finely executing end results.

Euroak Flooring® Hardwood Plank Flooring always Makes A Statement


SunnyHills, Japan

Pineapple cakes on the inside and an intricate wooden lattice structure on the outside. Even so highlight this SunnyHills cake shop in Japan. Famed wood builder Kengo Kuma modeled actually the building after a bamboo basket in the same way carried the effect inside. The technique of Jiigokugumi joins wooden slats without the use of glue or nails.


Superior Dome, Michigan For just shy of a decade, the Tacoma Dome in Washington State held the title as the world’s largest wooden dome. But the Superior Dome in Marquette, Michigan and wrestled away the moniker in 1991 by opening up at 536 feet in diameter, just six feet more than the Tacoma structure. Another covering a sports stadium located on the campus of Northern Michigan University. By the 14-story dome spreads over 5.1 acres with its 781 Douglas Fir beams and 108 miles of fir decking.


KNARVIK_B YSTEBO/FLICKR Community Church of Knarvik, Norway Found in Hordaland, Norway, about 45 miles west of Bergen’s Treet. Still the Knarvik Church opened in 2014 embracing wood in an angular style. Architect Reiulf Ramstad clad the exterior in pre-weathered pine that accents the pointed pyramidal steeple. However, located atop a rocky bluff, the beauty of wood extends inside to the 500-person worship area.