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Who we are

Euroak Flooring® is an innovative Australian engineered French oak  flooring manufacturer that produces pre-finished engineered French oak flooring including: American oak flooring, salvaged and recycled timber flooring.


Our distinctive bespoke products are proudly manufactured in Australia using state of the art finishes which deliver flooring of the highest calibre, fully able to accommodate the unique Australian lifestyle. 


Our Vision

At Euroak Flooring®, we revel in the splendour of nature and strive towards keeping a balance of sustainability as a pillar of who we are. Our exclusive range of reclaimed and recycled engineered French oak flooring includes salvaged architectural timber, damaged timber pallets, re-milled recycled French oak flooring and Australian hardwoods railway sleepers.  

Our Recycled Mission

Through the up cycling and revitalisation of timber, we create striking and innovative products, which we can personalise for you to make a statement because we know that to dare is to be different. 

Whether we create you a decorative timber wall feature or screen, timber ceiling, french oak flooring, a dining table or even some rustic timber chairs. The only thing limiting you is your imagination”. At Euroak Flooring®, we revel in the splendour of nature and strive towards keeping the principle of sustainability as a pillar of who we are.”

French oak flooring 

Is produced from sustainable materials (and by a sustainable process) that reduces demands on ecosystems during its life-cycle.[aThis includes harvest, production, use and disposal. It is thought that sustainable flooring creates safer, and healthier buildings and guarantees a future for traditional producers of renewable resources that many communities depend on.

About Timber Flooring

Several initiatives have led the charge to bring awareness of sustainable.  French oak flooring as well as healthy buildings (air quality).[1][2][3] Below are examples of available, though sometimes less well-known, eco-friendly flooring options.[4] The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends, those with allergies to dust or other particulates choose flooring with smooth surfaces – such as hardwood, vinyl, linoleum tile or slate.

Building and Flooring

In the U.S., the Building for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (BEES), program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). [8] Provides a one-stop source of life cycle assessment-based, information about flooring options. Life cycle comparisons of flooring alternatives by research groups, around the world consistently show bio-based flooring products, to have lower environmental impacts than other types of flooring.


The life cycle environmental impacts associated with producing and using flooring clearly lower than other alternatives. Wool carpeting and impacts linked to typical carpeting used, in residential structures are higher than those shown in the BEES, system due to the use of a pad under the carpet layer.

Timber Flooring

Historically, timber floors are the most common type of floor, and among the worst treated component of historic buildings. This is understandable, as they are often worn out and bear the brunt of the larger problems of rising damp. Inadequate ventilation, termites, fire and just plain wear and tear. 

Flooring at your Home

Timber flooring made of natural products will expand and contract depends on weather and humanity as an old saying (timber and water can not be mix). Therefore shade/colour variation, knotting and tightness of grain are all inherent characteristics.

Generally Speaking 

All timber flooring will mark and scratch, however some simple maintenance procedures will keep your floor looking better for longer.

Exposure to sunlight may also cause colour variation, as may partial exposure due to placement of rugs, mats, furniture …etc