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Euroak Flooring®

Is an innovative Australian timber flooring manufacturer that produces pre-finished wooden floorboards including: French & American oak flooring, salvaged and recycled timber flooring. Our distinctive bespoke products are Australia made & owned using state of the art finishes.

Through the up cycling and revitalisation of timber, we create striking and innovative products, which we can personalise for you to make a statement because we know that to dare is to be different. Whether we create you a decorative timber wall feature or screen, timber ceiling, wood flooring, a dining table or even some rustic timber chairs, the only thing limiting you is your imagination   “.At Euroak Flooring, we revel in the splendour of nature and strive towards keeping the principle of sustainability as a pillar of who we are.

Our Bespoke Floorboards

At Euroak Flooring, we revel in the splendour of nature and strive towards keeping a balance of sustainability as a pillar of who we are. Our exclusive range of reclaimed and recycled engineered timber flooring includes salvaged architectural timber, damaged timber pallets, re-milled and recycled wood flooring from Australian hardwoods railway sleepers.

Wooden Floorboards has a timeless appeal that makes it a popular and sought-after option. However, solid timber boards are expensive and may require considerable expertise to install, as well as being affected by extremes of temperature and humidity. Luckily, there is an alternative that looks almost as good for a fraction of the cost and effort.

Green by nature and we keep it green

French Oak Floorboards

The term ‘floating wooden floorboards refers to the fact the boards are connected to one another but not to the subfloor itself. Meaning they ‘float’ on a layer of underlay, independently of the surface below. In fact overview will give you an idea of what’s involved when laying a floating floorboards using laminate method.

Floating floorboards aren’t fixed to the structure of your house in any way; they sit on top of an existing floor. Floating floorboards are typically made of wood, vinyl or laminate designed to look like wooden floorboards. The pieces snap together, creating a seamless floor which usually sits on a layer of underlay for cushioning and insulation.

European Oak Floorboards

These are laminated pieces of timber which have are generally installed in a nail free ‘click clack’ type method and can be installed by a home handy man with a bit of know how although there are a few tricks to a good floor and attention needs to be paid to the edging around walls, cabinetry etc. A foam underlay (similar to a carpet underlay) is placed underneath to absorb a large amount of motion and reduce movement between the boards.

The advantage of floating wooden floorboards Australian made cost is very low compare to real wood floorboards that any movement in the floor is spread out through all the boards, meaning no gaps appear. They can be fitted on almost any other rigid floor type as long as it’s level. Australian made

Australian Made Floorboards

Most of the wooden floorboards will be a layer of the desired wood over hardened timber floorboard subfloors, though there are some solid types available. These are often pre-finished, though additional layers of finish can be applied if necessary.

When choosing consider floorboard cost against the lighting in your home. Laminated floorboard cost is very low compare to real hardwood, but spending the additional money for genuine wood floorboard may give a better looking and slightly more durable finish.