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Available in Solid oak, laminated solid oak and oak veneer floating shelves 4mm, at any sizes and thickness’s square edges or un-edged  

available species: 

French Oak ABCDE (rustic) grades, American oak AB grades, (selected grades) Australian blackbutt, NSW spotted gum, Sydney blue gum, Iron bark 

Please note: veneer floating shelves max width 240mm at any thickness’s or length 

Solid and laminated solid shelves available at any size.

A floating shelves 

is a flat horizontal plane which is used in a home, business, store, or elsewhere to hold items that are being displayed, stored, or offered for sale. It is raised off the ground and usually anchored/supported on its shorter length sides by brackets. It can also be held up by columns or pillars. A shelf is also known as a counter, ledge, mantel, or rack. Tables designed to be placed against a wall, possibly mounted, are known as console tables, and are similar to individual shelves.

Ideas of A Shelf

A shelf can be attached to a wall or other vertical surface, be suspended from a ceiling, be a part of a free-standing frame unit, or it can be part of a piece of furniture such as a cabinet, bookcase, entertainment center, some headboards, and so on.

Usually two to six shelves make up a unit, each shelf being attached perpendicularly to the vertical or diagonal supports and positioned parallel one above the other. Free-standing shelves can be accessible from either one or both longer length sides. A shelf with a hidden internal bracket is termed a floating shelf. A shelf or case designed to display books is a bookshelf.

Length of Shelf

The length of the shelf is based upon the space limitations of its siting and the amount of weight which it will be expected to hold. The vertical distance between the shelves is based upon the space limitations of the unit’s siting and the height of the objects; adjustable shelving systems allow the vertical distance to be altered. The unit can be fixed or be some form of mobile shelving. The most heavy duty shelving is pallet racking. In a store, the front edge of the shelf under the object(s) held might be used to display the name, product number, pricing, and other information about the object(s).

A floating shelves 

is a form of shelf designed to fit within a minimalist decor by hiding the supporting brackets within the shelf. The shelf has at least two symmetrical channels into which slide brackets attached to the wall. Screws are inserted through the bottom of the shelf to hold it on the brackets. Though usually constructed of light-weight material such as MDF and laminated, these shelves can often hold considerable weight.