Important Consideration

Important Considerations

Euroak Flooring® about engineered wood floors products is Non-Structural and for Interior use ONLY

About Engineered Wood Floors and Solid made of natural product will expand and contract depends on weather and humanity as an old saying (Timber and water can not mix). Therefore shade/colour variation, knotting and tightness of grain are all inherent characteristics.

Fire place or direct heat (but not include under floor heating) it may cause the engineered wood floors to over dry it and lead to contract the board (cupping, separation between board or delaminate “for engineered wood floors”).

Euroak Flooring® about engineered wood floors is made from natural products, Therefore shade/colour variation, knotting and tightness of grain are all inherent characteristics.

Exposure to sunlight may also cause colour variation, as may partial exposure due to placement of rugs, mats, furniture etc. No warranty is offered against these natural characteristics.

Fire place or direct heating (not include under floor heating) on Euroak flooring® about engineered wood floors products it may cause discoloring, cupping or separation between boards.

In case of fire place please ensure that mini of 1.5m/sq away from engineered wood floors and the heat should be redirect up.

Heating Sub-Floor; Please request Heating Sub-Floor information from Euroak Flooring® before you purchase any of our products. Sub-Floor it must be level

Before and / or after Installation

  1. Once flooring is installed on building site it is essential that the floor be protected. This protection must be maintained until all works have been completed.
  2. Avoid plaster dust on the surface of the floor. If dust is present vacuum off immediately, DO NOT MOP. Moisture can set the plaster dust into the low grain of the timber making it extremely difficult if not impossible to remove.
  3. To clean, we highly recommend Euroak Floor Cleaner for weekly clean up and for daily use of a microfiber-type swivel-cleaning pad for using sprayed on water. Occasionally use water with a mix of either Methylated Spirits or vinegar at ratio of 1:10 with 10 being water. We do not recommend the use of any supermarket floor cleaners or anything caustic.
  4. Air conditioning – This warranty covers air conditioning use provided the relative humidity levels are maintained at between 55% – 75% RH.
  5. All defects boards / Planks MUST not be installed and should be returned to Euroak flooring® for replacement.
    • All timber flooring will mark and scratch, however, some simple maintenance procedures will keep your floor looking better for longer.
    • Use above recommended floor cleaner with a barely damp mop.
    • Sweep and vacuum regularly.
    • Install floor protectors on all furniture.
    • Install dirt-trapping mats at entrances.
    • Re-coat or polish when necessary.
    • Do not drag heavy furniture over floors.
    • Keep pet’s nails trimmed.
    • Remove spills as soon as they occur, especially oil or fat spills.
    • Do not steam mop engineered wood floors, or over mop a floor as moisture in timber floors will cause “cupping” and uneven timber movement in your floor.