Wood Flooring

Euroak Flooring® is an innovative Australian engineered wood flooring manufacturer. That produces pre-finished wood flooring includes: French and American oak flooring, salvaged and recycled timber.

Our distinctive bespoke products are proudly manufactured in Australia using state of the art finishes, which deliver hardwood floorboards of the highest calibre, fully able to accommodate the unique Australian lifestyle. 

Through the up cycling and revitalisation of timber, we create striking, and innovative products which we can personalise for you to make a statement. Because we know that to dare is to be different.

Whether we create you a decorative timber wall feature or screen, timber ceiling, wood flooring, a dining table or even some rustic timber chairs, the only thing limiting you is your imagination. At Euroak Flooring®, we revel in the splendour of nature and strive towards keeping, the principle of sustainability as a pillar of who we are. (for more information)


Hardwood Floorboards

At Euroak Flooring®, we revel in the splendour of nature and strive towards keeping, a balance of sustainability as a pillar of who we are.

Our exclusive range of reclaimed and recycled engineered wood flooring. Includes salvaged architectural timber, damaged timber pallets, re-milled and recycled wood flooring from Australian hardwoods railway sleepers.  

Wood Flooring & Hardwood Floorboards

French Oak Flooring. Hardwood Floorboards. Recycled Wood Flooring. Parquetry Wood Flooring. Rustic Oak Flooring. Aged Hardwood Floorboards

Stair Treads

Solid Stair Treads. Laminated Oak Stairs. Pre-Finished Stair Treads. Slip Resistance R11 Treads. Timber Stairs. French Oak Open Stair Treads.

Timber Beams & Floating Shelves

Decorative Timber Beams. Oak Veneer. Floating Shelves. Oak Suppliers. Oak Slabs. Wood Ceiling Beams. Interior Wall Panels and Cladding.

Green by NATURE and we KEEP it green

Recycled Timber Flooring

From rustic wood flooring to our aged and antique style of hardwood, our unique engineered wood range of flooring draws inspiration from our unique Australian environment.

We have tailored our collection to accommodate the iconic coastal lifestyle, through adaptable and durable materials ranging from aged wood, classic and natural oak to the elegance of Nordic and urban styled engineered wood flooring.

Green Environment

Ultimately our vision for Euroak is to carve a path for environmentally sustainable practices, in our industry meanwhile cementing ourselves as a business leader, through our cutting edge approach towards the re-production of recycled hardwood floorboards.

Our raw materials are sourced from manageable forestry in France and Germany. These are of course certified as PEFC and / or FSC to ensure that our environmental ethos is maintained.

In addition to all of this, our structural and non-structural decorative timber ceiling beams, are available in solid French oak or laminate and we also offer veneer from 4-10mm.

We Cut it. Distress it. Oxidize it. Keep it green. and WE LOVE IT

Hardwood Floorboards

The production of Solid American Oak hardwood floorboards starts with a plank, of oak that is cut down to between 18 to 20mm in thickness. After That the plank gets an interlocking system cut into each side, which is called a ‘tongue and groove cut’. This enables the planks to lock together easily at installation.

In addition to considering the thickness, density and species of Oak for your floors, you must also consider where the flooring is to be installed as certain environments.

Can alter the shape and appearance of the floor and cause serious issues. Needless to say, the installation process is complex and great care must be taken by your professional installer.

French Oak is also known as European Oak and is a highly dense wood, which therefore makes it extremely hard. Whilst French Oak has been used for many years, it is only more recently that its popularity has seen, exponential growth due to an incredible flooring system know as ‘Engineered Flooring’.

The durability and stability of an engineered floor is achieved, by gluing (or laminating as it is called in the building world), multiple layers of plywood together at a 90° angle, to the layer above and then topping it with a beautiful solid layer of French Oak.

Furthermore, the increased stability of engineered flooring makes it a universal product, that can be installed over all types of subfloors, including a concrete slab, which is both time and cost effective.

French Oak is the material of choice when selecting an engineered floor as it has a natural resistance to fungi and insects. Coupled with a naturally smooth grain will result in a floor, that is pleasing on the eye and silky underfoot. Equally as important is the fact that engineered floors are easy to clean with either a brush, dump mop or vacuum. 

In conclusion, always select an engineered timber floor that has a 4mm to 6mm layer of solid oak, such as Euroak Flooring® products. as it stand the test of time and allow you to re-send and polish many times over.

The word derives from the Old French and literally means ‘a small enclosed space‘. Parquetry wood flooring is a jigsaw of wooden blocks that are laid on top of a flat, solid base such as a concrete slab or a plywood substrate. Euroak Flooring® is uniquely placed to provide parquetry wood flooring in either panels, preassembled hardwood floorboards or individual timber pieces. 

In addition to the shape of the timber it is also worth considering the colour and grain of your timber as contrasting colours and textures create an intricate mosaic effect. Furthermore, parquetry flooring is an excellent way to enhance the visual interest in your home. 

In conclusion, if you’re opting for a preassembled engineered parquetry floor, then ensure it has a 4mm to 6mm layer of solid oak, such as Euroak Flooring’s products, as it will stand the test of time and allow you to re-sand and polish many times over.  

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